The original founding ideas for instituting The State are no longer valid today !

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February 28, 2018
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The original founding ideas for instituting The State are no longer valid today !

Today most states especially in North America or in Europe or in Japan, or in all other states subdued by these countries, are in fact merged with the new international restructured banking system after 1979 ! These states have all in fact become subdued completely and follow all the central regional banks' financial policies. We can in fact do even more research-work to show without any shade of a doubt that how the modern states, after 1980's, have merged all systematically with the restructured international banking system and thus creating a new type of states : the 'Bank-States' ! These states are heavily indebted to international financial creditors and big central regional banks, and those financial institutions are completely dominating most state's administration and most people administered and as a result are heavily oppressed by these financial institutions. These Bank-States are forced to pay all those artificially created unpayable debts back to Bank-Owners, paid mostly under the guise of 'legal' taxes passed in Parleaments.

Thus large regions of the world and their people and their economies are pillaged massively by this re-structured international banking system. On the other hand most of the state's public ownership is privatised and transferred to those big banks' largest owners and multi-international firms and corporations. And in case of massive frauds or bankruptcy of big banks, States are called to bail-out those big banks and help re-capitalise or reconstitute their lost declared capitals, which is also known under Quantitative Easing, by pouring billions of dollars or Euros or Yens etc... by public money and by public massive indebtedness to pay-off banks' bankruptcies. Thus exploiting millions of people subdued to those Bank-States administrations through fraudulent parliamentary faked procedures. These are the three main ways in which large populations in Europe or in North America or elsewhere following these big countries' domination or political system, are massively pilaged and are alienated completely from their constitutional rights, their economies put in bankruptcies and deprived completely from all Human Rights ! In case of slightest revolt or governments displaying slightest discording views or protection for their people against these mesures, these countries are black-listed, put under economic blockades, and are subjected even to banking embargos and international trade embargoes and if necessary attacked militarily and completely destroyed by heaviest bombardments and massive destructions even against United Nation's resolutions ! All these unlawful international policies are carried out for the benefit of the new financial oligarchie - that can be called The Fictitious Kapital's oligarchie, those directors and owners of those big international banks and following Big Regional Central Banks which have replaced the formerly existing National Central Banks ! They are , instead of the former national central banks , managing national or regional money through Bank-States, and this after 1970's , have become in fact privatised electronic money for 99.9 % and the rest are paper monetary forms administered by Regional Central Banks. !

Thus this new financial oligarchie manages all privatised electronic monetary regional and international system, instead of former republican states, which can be identified by Fictitious Kapital's oligarchie, which decides for governments and against the people's will and by complete violation of constitutions or by violation of international laws and simply by dominating the leading regional central bank such as The privatised Federal Reserve , USA central bank ( after 1913 in USA ), which dominates all other regional central banks in Europe, in Japan and the far East, in Africa and in The Middle East or most international trade markets after 1980 ! Thus we can observe that most republics in these regions are liquidated from their formerly constitutional powers to protect their people's interests and republics are no more and most republicans are knowingly or unknowingly following internationl F.K.'s oligarchie's interests and not people's interests, and most former Democracies are all powerless today and F.K. dominates all political , financial and military power of the Bank-States today. People have lost completely their power and are subdued to F.K. that controls also most media and most communication apparatus and cultural political power in the world !
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