Promoting OSUG (Open Social University Global )

My promotional activities for Open Social University Global, dates back to 2002-2014, and currently under this present site started since 2016 ! At the beginning, I administered the site (2002-2007), and (2007-2013), both domain rights reserved by myself Abram Badal Ranjbar. I sent my produced booklet ‘ The Fictitious Kapital ‘ explaining the domination of F.K. since 1971-1979, creating a new phase of imperialist-capitalism, different in content from old Leninist imperialism. These differences, consisted from new content of imperialist restructuring that i called neo-imperialism of F.K. oligarchie, on old structures of imperialism explained by Lenin-Zinoviev’s publication of ‘ Imperialism , the higher phase of capitalism ‘ ( 1915-1916 ). Later on changed into ‘ Highest phase of capitalism ‘ by USSR’s state publications. On the site made by Yahoo’s easy Site Builder Application, I explained the Fraudulent Nature and Criminal nature of F.K. deduced on the one hand from privatised nature of electronic money content and form, and on the other hand by secretive and non-state fictitious production of numeric or bit-money produced Kapital, distinct from real capital production explained by Marx since 1860’s in The First Volune of Capital, which he stressed by his given definition to be real capital and distinct from fictitious capital ! This new re-structuring , in addition to privatised central banks ( 1913, the domination and subsequent privatisation of The Federal Reserve Bank of USA!) in new restructured Regional Central Banks of NAFTA, European Union (E.U.), creating Euro under Bundes Bank dominant financial groupe in Germany, under Rothchieles’ banking-stock-market financial groupe. This criminal fraudulent form, was different from Parasittistic nature of imperialist capital, explained by Lenin-Zinoviev for old imperialist-capitalism, which was dominated by the old financial oligarchie of fusioned industrial-banking capitals , of mixed real and fictitious capital, but real capital dominating in State Capital and Industrial and Commercial Capital or Rent Capital (Capital Foncière in French, including Land rents). Then from 2002-2003 I explained the fraudulent content and nature of Modern Globalization (or Mondialisation du Capital ) known under psudo-names of Regonomics-Thatcherism, explainning, certain aspects of new globalization, by Marxian teachers such as Proffessor Dr. David Harvey’s theesis of 2003, The New Imperialism , explaining new capital accumulation by expropriations , without mentionning fictitious capital or new phase, or naming it Fictitious Capital Accumulation, or it’s dominant content over all other real capitals he taught textually for his students of Capital textes written by Marx ! And also Loren Goldner’s Thesis on Petro-dollars’ accumulation on world markets , again without mention of nature of fictitious capital, Ellen Brown’s Book of Web of Dette explaining private and public dettes accumulation of parasitic capitalism ! I found my explanation of neo-imperialism more pertinent than all other theoretical works, ‘ driven away ‘ or neglecting Lenin-Zinoviev’s Imperialism’s brief thesis published in 1915-1916 ! That I followed the red line of Marx to Lenin up to description of a new phase, of F.K. I described in detail the main or significant carachteristics for the new phase, predicting since 1997-2001, a bigger financial Depression and Bust in Stock Market, whose first big tremors were felt in 1997 S.E. Asia’s Crisis, in WorldCom bankrupcy, and other political-economic wars and Great Upheavals, such as disappearance of political power of what I called Pro-Socialist-Camps of URSS-Korea-China-S.E. Asia-Cuba etc… that I explained by the first applied geo-political effects of F.K. domination of neo-immperialism, serial wars starting in War of Yugoslavia’s partition, up to G.W. Bushe’s 2003 ‘second’ or really third Iraq War in 2003, culminating in declared ‘ Permanant Wars ‘ of chaotic creation continuous wars of neo-imperialism !

After the big tremor of ‘Sub-Prime’ Crisis and 2008 Bankruptcy of Big Banks, Leehman’s Brothers, J.P. Morgan, and merging with Chase Manhatan of Rockefeller’s and Rothchieldes’ joint financial international groupe, dominating The FED , I published on Internet and on (2010-2013 ), sending them to many political groups and other anti-capitalist groupes etc… the article ‘Total Alternative ‘ to neo-imperialist capitalism of F.K.’s permanent wars ! In French references to ‘ L’ Alternative Complète ‘, and publishing it on several sites of free Blogs , in French and in English too ! following that , I entered in political discussions and ‘ polemics’ with several communist groupes and small parties, such as I.C. in Paris, that no one dared to contest formally my thesis, and all preferred to keep me incognito in the political economy field , that I was contending their traditional old Marxist-Leninist positions, of over 40 years of un-fruitful theories and practices, calling them in my articles and Bogs or other new publications after 2008, to rally to Open Social University’s Complete Social Alternative, drawn out after 2010 and completed by social accreditation of student-workers’ OSU Universal Status of accumulated hours of quantitative as well as their qualitative social activities registered in Blockchaine registration format , which is able to do a complete valorization of their social contributions, since their date of births ! This was explained as in addition of their O.S.U. Status, they could liberate two years’ of their individual’s universal salary, after each year of active member’s completion of worker-student activity enrolled in a campus of Open Social University or a workers’ cooperative member of O.S.U. and it’s accreditation measure of developed ‘use-value’ universal standar unit of O.S.U.G-ONG real exchange system of use-values accumulated by their personal-team work efforts furnished and registered by OSUG.

After 2015, I started to propagate on my Personal Facebook page Abram Badal, that I had over 2 000 frends, the Complete Alternative blog and some short condensed articles explainning Open Social University Global aims ! Having some favorite reactions on my page, I decided after 2016, by encouragement of some other freinds to create L’ Université Ouverte Sociale Politique Environnementale Globale, a closed groupe on Facebook , we gathered soon more than 1600 freinds in a short period of few monts, and other interested persons for this page, that contribute articles and messages for other members ! Then with collaboration of Artemiz Igraoar, we set-up a new Site for The OSUG, destined to register on Blockchaine technology the status of each active member of O.SU. associated groupes, associations, campus or worker cooperatives willing to associate with our OSUG Status of Accreditation in order to obtain their equivalent OSUKAS, Kredits of obtained Social Activities, in French : Kredit d’ Activité Sociale or Open Social University K.A.S. coined OSUKAS by my own innovation, developed into a Universal Standardized Valorisation of social activities registered and recognized by OSUG !

Following attempts of finding out a couple of ‘good’ hacker-computer-science engineers, we contacted local associations and groupes and philosophic cafés and other association-cafés and agricultures etc…, many much intersested , but not free to actively support our vast endeavor for OSUG. I sent on September 2018, an invitation to Noam Chomsky, to Yanis Varoufakis, Diem25, to Dr. Richard Wolff, and some other hundred personalities in Teachers, Activists, Reporters, ONG’s , and contacted recently in 28 October Mondragon Cooperative in Pays Basques – Espagne, in Spain ! I will submit a complete report of this contact and following meetings , aided by Hellios, my musician-artist-activity-insertion engineer ! We can produce shortly a Youtube Video presentation for our contacts for presentation of OSUG project for gathering some Sponsors or Aides for Start-Up of a more active site , decentralized partially to register the activities and global networking or dessimanation of OSUG complete social alternative to failled capitalism ! Abram Badal ( 29/09/2018 )