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January 5, 2018
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January 5, 2018
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Worldwide business concept with 3D globe interface and businessman touching a button, global economy

Approximation to a schematic to do site reviews and possible corrections or improvements and developments later!

OSUG Male Page – ADMINISTRATION (websites or chapters activities of ADMIN OSUG: – Inscriptions: ((-PROJECTS POPULAR SCHOOL; PROJECTS-INDIVIDUAL (seeking Class-Projects and who will be associated with the projects); Serres BIO; Fishing; Bio-Mass (Granules or natural fertilizer etc …) Artesian Well (20-30 m.) Martial Arts (Alternative Boxing, Aikido, Judo etc … School of Popular Sports, School of Rescue and Civil Defense, Guarding, School of Local Services etc … in Additions …)) School Popular Techniques; Construction SITES; Radios, Repairs various, household, computers, plumbing modern … Class of work on computers, on the Internet (Agro-Food, Agro-Products, Deep Wells (>> 30 m Heating in hot air networks (10-30 m.) Solar panels, Small Wind Turbines, Parma-Agriculture, Medical First-Aid, Well-being and healthy food, etc. In Additions ….) In OSUG Accreditation (in hour of social activity useful hour) The hours will be affected by coefficients of quality of activity and satisfaction offered in five grades: quality of an hour passed in GRADES – Aa + 15% – Bb + 10% – Cc 1hour = 1 hour Dd – 10- 15% (or 1 hour will be counted as 0.9 X or 0.85X (1 hour = 54 or 51 minutes in A_OSUG Universal Time! ) and finally for the grade Ff: work to redo or the non-acceptable quality which is to resume to complete!

ADMIN SITES. OSUG: 1- INFOS; 2- REGISTRATION (1 symbolic euro per year / person supports, 1 A_OSUG / month of activity in minimum quality C for active member – 10 A_OSUG in minimum quality C per year – or 600 minutes of A_OSUG per year paid or credit transferred to OSUG for associated groups!)
3- ORIENTATION (campus sites of OSU, or Workshops of the popular schools, cooperatives, other associative structures etc … and Additions ….)
4- MANAGEMENT (Hours register – Qualities for members: support (1 euro per year / person), semi-active (1 hour- 4 hours per week + 2hrs sup.) Active members (= /> 6 hours per week, and > 20 hours in excess and limited to 32 hours per week higher than the normal activity counted in X 20% A_OSUG! In addition to the application of coefficient of quality!
5- SITES (of monetary exchange for A_OSUG – for example at the start in 2017 1 A_OSUG / C + = 4.40 euros + 0.5 A_OSUG / C +! It means half will be paid in A_OSUG!) (Or for the adhesions- supports for example support in Euros of 100 euros / years paid to OSUG 11.25 A_OSUG / C + will be acquired by this member-supporter who can use in local currency parallel (reconverted in euros) or services rendered or other rights and benefits that can be spent at the Workshops, shows and / or ancillary service activities or OSUG campus activities open to members – supports!) Speculative activities on A_OSUG will be strictly prohibited and violations of this OSUG rule will be prosecuted by the laws of violation of the rights of the ‘Man and Citizens World TPPP OSUG !!!
6- SITES of Fair Trade in commodities; SITES of Exchange of A_OSUG against: a) Bit corner; (b) World Money IMF; c) BRICS World Currency; d) Pay Pal, etc … Additions ….
7) SITES for the exchange of materials; tool exchange; trade in services; machine exchanges; etc …. Additions ….
8) OSUG shopping sites! and 9) OSUG Free Sales Sites; for its OSUG Workshops and Campus!
10) Management of the Communal Property of OSUG! Workshops, Campus, Deposits, Terminals, SEL in A_OSU_G, local or parallel currency convertible in A_OSUG etc …
QUALITY GRADES to establish OSUG Open Social – Political University University accreditation – for one hour of social activity – the coefficients will be in A ++ (for the grade of excellent) + 35%; A + + 30%; A + 25%; B + + 20%; B- (B minus) + 15%; C + + 10%; C = X 1.0 average; C- (C minus) – 10%; D -15%; E -20% of the time accredited in A_OSUG; and finally for a grade of F: it is work to resume to finish or to redo or not-acceptable past hours X zero!

For OSUG university I submit after the schools of activities in pure sciences or in social sciences and classes of elaborations or concretization of projects of high technology etc …; classes of explorations, trips, research etc … campus or campus building activities and other OSUG projects; conferences, theses or other higher activities in planetology, aerospace, astronomy, botany, modern medicine and genetics, ecology and ecosystems etc …. ! Abram Badal (March 11 – 12, 2017 (six hours of proposal work to complete the OSUGlobal SITE! Counted for 4 hours in C + for the site development workshop!)


Abraam Badal

Informaticienne créatrice Web & graphique.

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