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February 12, 2018
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February 28, 2018
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Social accreditation

In registering of all attribution of O.S.U. accréditation , the modern BLOCK-CHAIN technology is used in a universal network of registerd social-economic daily real activities, whose constant aim is to perfectly assuring the following caracteristics : a non-corruptible registration, and a completely filtered and repared version for errors or bugs and undue registered non-real values , and éliminâtes by a process of public key - private key system attribution for all transactions, the ones not finding a matched value for a real give and take transaction, all possible defects are thus eliminated, which have no matching transaction in order to reflect a nearly perfect version of a real social activity and/or transaction or consumption reality. The accumulated accreditation is used at the same time for a social distribution of social wealth, in proportion to social credit of each individuals' accumulation of registered credit . In contradiction to hierarchical capitaliste structures, or centralized registration, the block-chain represents a complexe and Attack-free system of un-corruptible real history of registary for the real social crédits attributed to individual's electronic walets . It uses permanent all-democratic horizontal structures of team-working decisions, using Direct Democracy, and according to team rules set by student-workers teams deciding themselves for projects, for individual's contributions as to quantity of hours, minutes of fractions of hour or grading for quality of work and individual's contributions. These rules are temporary for developing a given project and is archived with the class records, for developing a certain social projects !
And it is only required to be in harmony and not violating The Universal Law of HUMAN RIGHTS, or Environmental or Universal safety rules. These are universally agreed upon in current international Law and Conventions, which are every-day violated completely in capitalist world, however they are to be respected fully by Open Social University. These team-work temporary regulations are required to be registered daily along with each individual's hours of contributions and direct-democratic accreditations together with reports and problems encountered on classes or on projects or on team-work or management etc... for each specific project developments. And are archived with finishing completed transparent reports, with all team's signatures and approval, so as to be inspected and appreciated by all others to be inspired or completed or improved on other similar projects, if needed. No need for complicated system of contradictory laws and hierarchy for interpretations and no need for large bureaucracy in order to maintain a complicated legal contradictory advocating system of law enforcements !

Therefore the O.S.U. sociale accreditation - which can also be considered as a modern scientific social-economic-political value system for wealth distribution, in proportion to individual's social credit accumulation, that is registered by the modern algorythms, in order to reflect a modern real-valued means of social exchange as much as used as a true scale of distribution of achieved and realized local to universal wealth attributed to individuals in the proportional system of social-universally exchangeble value of earned O.S.U. accreditation since their birth. It is truely a modern scientific-socialist valued means of exchange and real distribution that is indeed not capitalist , non monetary, non speculative, closer to the true values decided democratically by the community appreciation voted in Direct Democracy, non-alienable, registered for individuals by the community or campus activity and real services done. Therefore, it is a true scale of standardized evaluation and a universal means of real exchangeble value, attached to each of it's members because registered in block-chains.

It is a true scale of a universal accreditation, because taking into account , for it's full members , their total ( approximate averaged ) regional valued consumption, accounted in hours of work for their production, and this since their birth-date and up to age of 16 years old up to 500 Euros evaluated actually in 500/10 or 50 O.S.U.K.A.S ( as of end of 2017 for a one 1 hour work or services or consumed-value bought from campus production. A '' D '' quality performed social credit is equal to 10 Euros, including consumption and schooling of 16 years !) ; and it is cumulated with their total hours of schoolings after 16 th birth-day, together with activities, or their other formation, all trainings and classes completed on on-line universities, or else, (after 16th birth date !) ; all projects participated in according to hours and grades earned, all social volontary needed works done ( in total hours and quality of work done - taken as D grade if grading sytem is abscent !) and all necessary social obligations , military, security, or researchs or team-explorations or else - all social works in O.S.U. done with machines or robots up to four hours oer day and five days per week will be considered as a full time worker-student total accomplishments ! And cumulates by other years, their consumption accreditation - averaged on regional valued in hours, in addition and above 16 years for older members, according to their age. All other security, or military trainings or training operations will be counted as double time activities and increased by a coefficient of quality as follows A = 1.4, B=1.25, C=1,10 D=1,0 E=0,9, F=0,5 ( F indicating credits that can be retaken and completed .) Defense against imperialist attacks will be accounted as four times the hours spent on civil or military defense ! Whereas humanitarian help work or in case of natural catastrophies helping people, all working times will be doubled for volontary student-workers. This is similar to but much superior to a transition into a more developed system of continuous cultural revolution structured in order to reach a full cultured universal self sufficient social higher standard of living for all ; as it has been dreamed for by all generations of humans but failling to achieve or structure by lack of technology and developed mass cultural means in a longer life and a much higher security achieved for a dynamic growth ! We can indeed structure a new transition without possibility or need to go back to criminal or obsolete capitalist methods that are changed for good and completely turned upside-down and make a peaceful paradise from our beautiful planet which will be secured from archaïc cultural - systemic wars and massive destructions, and reach the ever-sought golden age where all old institutions' remanents left by insufficient culture and insufficient science and paralyzed capitalist bureaucracy drive us towards extinction, whereas we can reach our all-time HUMAN DREAMS , by forcefull cultural social relations and by dynamic networking of our cultural-scientific exchanges to achieve the seemingly impossible dreams in less than ten to fifteen short lived years and no more !

The total social contribution by individuals, namely our consumption credit, our socially necessary schooling efforts, or our other cultural or artistic formations or university or college schooling is not accredited or accounted for our individual social-cultural-economic enrichment and is totally neglected to be accounted for our real efforts or our spendings that contribute to the social accumulated wealth. These constitute for a tremendous social accumulated wealth not distributed to individuals and contributing to poverty and cultural massive waste. It is much similar to the continuation of forced labor imposed on peasants , called CORVÉ in french, that only enriched society in middle ages without attribution of any social accreditation other than relative security for defense of their lives, and inherited from barbarian ages that persist in present day equally barbarian capitalist system. Whereas a total and just or modern accounting method allows for a more complete taking into account and continuously register all individual's social contributions in accumulated hours and quality of work performed. And it simply explains the fact that 500 Euros per month, approximated as a European or as a Universal salary, for all youth upon reaching the age of sixteen, as a consumption plus schooling and other trainings of socially needed activities, completed and performed. Thus abolishing all economic non-accounted for volontary much needed social work which constitutes our strong social bond and our cultural as much as our political human satisfaction in life. This universal salary, also adopted in O.S.U., as of 2017 ( 10 euros= 1 hr. D graded social work) and already put in practice in some European countries. We can universally demand it for all workers family members all over the world to be as an inseparable part of their Human Rights, to be recognized by United Nations' Charter ! This Human Rights should be demanded for other popular masses living under or close to poverty lines recognized by U.N. standards. And it is concretely account for in O.S.U. for all it's full members and proportionally taken into account for others contributing less in their part-time contributions ( 20 hrs per week being a full time O.S.U. contribution !) Therefore not considered as a welfare but a real demand for a completed Human Rights for all working class populations through out the world, as a supplemantary to their actual salary, which is actually not accounted for. We can even see already some of certain ''petits bourgeoisie'' socialist party or other politicians also including in their political demand programs this Universal Salary of 400 - 500 Euros per month as a social right and as a salary supplementary pay for working class and other simple employees, but fail to set a limitation of not paying families making over 2500 Euros per month as their net pay or stable revenus !

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