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February 17, 2017
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January 5, 2018
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For example, in France, that the European media repeat every day more than ten times a day and all day, since May 7, 2017, and it is repeated by all the
media organizations that: “Mr. Macron, is elected by a decisive majority, which positioned and insisted in force during the electoral campaigns that it is
for the Union of Europe, against the vague positions of Marine Le Pen which to recommend the use of 28 – 40 different currencies etc … etc …. “Let’s
see with what” real or true “percent of the votes of the voters was it elected Mr. Emmanuel Macron ??? The law is made that more than 50% of votes
(presumed being in favor of the candidate!) Of citizens to a candidate is necessary to elect a President of The Republic! The false official statistics,
56.3 Macron against 29% Le Pen at the evening are changed to a result announced the day after (99% of votes counted!) 66.1% Macron against 33.9% for
Ms. Le Pen! The Abstentions of Voters was historic as of May 7th, 2017 more than 41% who chose not to set foot in the places of the elections! !
The truth was that three to four broad categories of citizens had chosen not to participate in the second round elections to elect a President!
(Normally 46-49 million citizens would be able to vote in the 2017 elections!): 1- People disappointed in all elections-scams or circus elections,
or those who could not find their favorite candidates in the second round (31% of registered 42 million registered officially recognized! = ~~ 13 020 000)!
2- The people who chose to vote White or Null as a means of protest (15% of the registered voters in the first round for other than Macron
-Le Pen = ~~ 6,300,000!) 3- People whose votes do not count or are eliminated by the systematic procedures (1% official not counted,
plus people who could not register within the official deadlines 5% more people ignored (citizens counted “foreign” old people or too young
(16- 25 years non-registered etc …, etc …)

4- And a large number of voters who are not for Mr. Macron to be President, but want to block the “illegitimate” candidacy of Ms. Le Pen
(40% of voters who had not chosen Le Pen in the 1st round plus one third of voting Mr Du Pont Aignant who did not vote Le Pen in the second round
(24% of voting Macron-like-vote-dam = 5,200,000) In conclusion Mr Macron is elected in simple reality only by 42 000 000 official –
13 020 000 boycott-protests – 5 200 000 dam – 6 300 000 White / draws = 17 480 000 Millions of votes officially counted
(41. 6% and not by the false statistics of FAKE-News of 66.1% ) and that also corresponds to the votes counted for Ségolène Royale against
Sarkozie in the elections before Holland in 2007 which also declared to want to unite with Mr. Bayrou the center!)
But in reality sadder only by 17 480 000/49 000 000 potential voters real-citizens = 35% of citizens !! which renders the election of Mr.
Macron illegitimate in both cases by the spirit of The Law which wants him to be elected by 51% of the real –
existing potential citizens = 25,000,000 real votes for the candidate real choice! ) While this 33% of vote for Mr. Macron
(valet international bankers) is biased in double of 66.1% official “FAKE-NEWS” in France and Europe and taken by the world by the media!


Abraam Badal.

Informaticienne créatrice Web & graphique.

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