January 5, 2018
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February 28, 2018
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I propose only one resolution for the year 2018, STOP SUPPORTING FARFELUS PROJECTS BASED ON REPUBLIC OR A NEW HYBRID REPUBLIC (SIXTH OR OTHER, which are in fact totally dominated by the MASTERS of PRIVATIZED SILVER and also the other hybrids will all be easily dominated by the PRIVATIZED ELECTRONIC MONETARY SYSTEM by the international bankers' group (REPRESENTATIVES OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE USA plus EU or THE TROIKA WHO SUBMITTED THE PEOPLES OF GREEK and IRELAND, PORTUGAL, SPAIN, GERCE, EAST COUNTRIES and all the others held in FAILURE under its total domination! DEMANDS ONLY ONE FREE EXIT FROM THE CRIMINAL CAPITALISTIC CORRUPTION SYSTEM which became possible if one acted in global networks of an OPEN GLOBAL POLITICAL OPEN UNIVERSITY (Asked by Marx: UNION OF ASSOCIATION of all the workers of the world! in 1847!) We can evolve it to nine all the students (ts) -world workers in free networks TODAY! :  ‘'A single immediate and complete exit from the capitalist system, which has fallen into a very deep crisis since 2008, and by structuring us a real and social transition - simplified scientific and in DIRECT DEMOCRACY (never structured as it can today in free and independent association of the capitalist system and institutions inherited from Barbary), would be sufficient to gather more than hundreds of millions in less than 5 to 10 years and ensure freedom for all in a bankrupt system of widespread corruption that would be dangerous to linger and requires us to be in daily complicity with the crimes that ensue! That's one more link for 2018! :! It can be completed quickly by your free social-scientific contributions with the revolutionary method of O.S.U. ! And your political contributions of really left and for a real ALTERNATIVE to the system in general bankruptcy which constitutes the capitalism of the - New Imperialism of the fictitious Kapital (after 1979)! We can now simply leave it and leave it instead of doing what we have tried for over thirty years without much success, but with other means that are much more effective and much more independent of the capitalist system that has become entirely fraudulent and criminal nowadays! '' TO PROPOSE OR TO SEND TO ALL UNION FREE OR UNLESS FREE WORLDWIDE TO ALL STUDENT UNIONS (TS) AND INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATIONS, TO ALL COMMONS AND PEOPLES WISHING TO LIBERATE FROM THE JOUG OF THE SYSTEM IN GENERAL AND GLOBAL BANKRUPTCY OF THE WORLD WHOLE! Happy new year to everyone ! Abram Badal
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