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January 5, 2018
February 12, 2018
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For ACTIVE members: (AM), or semi-active: (SAM) or Support Associate members (SM)- annuel (avec 1 euro / an versé à OSUG par membre inscrites , code d’ accès aux Forum Libre et semi-libre du site sont offerte. )

A campus or class or project access code will be available (for the period of registration to campuses, associations, class projects or elaboration class or local service groups, the periods are different, may go slightly a 2- to 4-day week or five and a month to a quarter or months of group research, or other such as exploratory groups or long journeys or long-term or long-term project development groups; OSUG infrastructures, for People of management and development ADMIN codes etc … These codes will be also distinct for the groups: which marks the type of activity or code of activity: CMS, CMSA, CMA, ETP for popular technical school, OSUG for activity level of university, code of NGO, humanitarian NGO, code of ASSOC (for the member associations), GSEL code for local services of mutual help, etc … So the activities The particular codes expire at the end of the period registered and will have to be renewed for continuation of activity in the other sections of groups and social activity! The property of Open Social-Political-Ecosys._Global is communal, managed by the local OSUG municipality, which groups its active members (having their way X4 votes), semi-active (X2 votes), and supports members (X 1.5 vote / person supports) for referendums popular in qualified voting for the OSUG (1 vote = 1 way for non-associated persons!)

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